Building/Zoning Codes


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Codes/Zoning Enforcement Officer

George Farley


 CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Issues building permits , periodic inspections on job site and furnishes the prescribed certificates of occupancy or certificate of  compliance  upon completion. Explains the requirements of the local building code, local zoning ordinances and the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code law and other applicable laws to building contractors and to the general public; Provides for removal of illegal or unsafe conditions and secures the necessary safeguards during construction; Orders unsafe conditions in existing structures to be removed and arranges for condemnation notices to owners and builders of improper or hazardous structures; Inspects existing buildings and structures to insure their conformity with safety standards and elimination of fire hazards.


 ZONING ENFORCEMENT OFFICER (1) Day to day administrator of zoning law (2) Initial contact person for all actions(3) Inspects projects to ensure that all zoning provisions are being complied with (4)  Issues the following permits and notices:(1) ZONING PERMIT (2) CERTIFICATE OF ZONING COMPLIANCE (3) NOTICE TO REMEDY VIOLATION